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It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth

It’s My Body, My Baby, My Birth is an educational childbirth film that tells the story of 7 mothers and their emotional journeys to natural childbirth. 

Homebirth Can be Appealing, but how safe is it?

Maria is on a National NPR broadcast talking about homebirth. Take a listen!



Bay Area Homebirth Collective

The Bay Area Homebirth Collective is made up of midwives, childbirth educators, and families who believe in the transformative power of birth.

How to have a Safe Homebirth: Mom Loves Best Blog. With a video of a beautiful water birth. Check it out!

Mothers Naturally

Mothers Naturally is a good source for information about natural pregnancy and natural childbirth. We provide many answers to common pregnancy questions as well as the latest natural pregnancy research.

Giving Birth Naturally

Our mission is to encourage each woman giving birth naturally to make informed decisions and to stimulate open, honest discourse with care providers to improve outcomes for the families they serve.

Julie Matthews' Handbook to Healthy Living

Healthful Living is an expanding Netweave of holistic health/conscious living educators and practitioners, and a community of people like you.

Spinning Babies

Everything you wanted to know about optimal fetal positioning and birth preparation

Evidence-Based Birth

A mother and nurse-researcher blog about the most current, evidence-based information on pregnancy and childbirth


Science and Sensibility

A Research Blog About Healthy Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond


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Shannon Padlog   Empowered Mamas
Sandra Lloyd    Diva Doula
Reise Tanner    Seed in The Garden
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Megan Morse and Noa Nessim   The Well Within

Homebirth and Midwifery Articles

Largest Study Ever in the US on Planned Homebirth -- This article was published in Jan, 2014. I contributed data to this study.

A NICE Delivery -- In the New England Journal of Medicine, an American obstetrician considers birth in the UK.

Maria's Blog Post at Mother's Advocate