Divinely Perfect -- The Birth of Amafaye Violet

by Crystal Schoch

I had been having “labor pains” for about 10 days prior to her Birth Day. I'm grateful for those 10 days because the contractions were great preparation for the big day! [However, it was kind of frustrating since every day I questioned “Is it going to be today?”]

On October 2, 2009 I went to sleep about an hour and a half earlier than normal (11:00p). At 1:57a (Oct 3) I woke up to an itch on the top of my left foot. (This itch was right where Liver 1 is for those of you who know acupuncture). As I was giving it a good scratch with my right foot I felt a little bubble burst inside me and a small gush of water. Instantly I was like “oh my,” and went to the bathroom where more fluid poured out from between my legs. At this point I was a little bummed because I wanted my daughter to be born in her sac, for the people from Nepal call these babies “magic babies,” and I found her to be quite magical :)

Once this occurred I got my house mate and birth partner Simone to help me set up my bed for birth time and I called Maria. Listening to Maria's advice I tried to lay down and rest. I turned on a Hypnobirthing cd and laid down for One contraction. I already had to be moving through them for that was the only way it felt good! I got into a cozy position on all fours and looked out my window (the curtains were just barely parted) and I saw the virtually Full moon shining down on me! (it was full the next day). I asked Goddess Moon to guide me and give me the strength and energy I needed for the night. At 3am I called one of my best friends in IA. As I was having surges with her on the phone she reminded me to bring my voice LOW. This piece of advice guided my entire experience and helped the pain transmute from my body through my voice! I started OM'ing through each surge, going lower and lower. I then called my chiropractor and friend Christina who timed my contractions at 2 minutes apart. So, it was time to call Maria back. After these two phone calls, I knew both women were on their way. At this point in time my birth partner Simone had also woken back up. Perfect timing! She took care of everything I needed from this point on. She set up the cozy foam mat on the floor and after I was on the mat I was in my own world from that point on...

(Christina is my Chiropractor friend who practices N.E.T. Which clears emotions from your being/body as you experience them, and from past experiences if they're linked to what's going on).

Maria and Christina arrived close together and were my guiding lights through the evening (technically morning). When Christina got there I was doing a good job of clearing all emotions through each surge. As this got more difficult she held my emotional points and helped me clear emotions throughout the entire labor. At one moment I was stressed because I knew she had a very important seminar to be at at 8:45a and I didn't want her to leave.

When Maria checked me I was already at 9cm and was given the go to push if I felt the urge. At this point I was already having rectal pressure and felt everything in full swing! I had the urge to sit on the toilet however once there I felt uncomfortable very quickly. Christina suggested the bath since my back muscles were feeling quite tense and tired. I got into the bathtub and the warm water was a godsend for relaxing my back! Things progressed in there very nicely. It was so great to hear all the encouraging words from everyone around. This was the first time for me to birth a baby and to be told that I'm doing great by a midwife who's delivered hundreds of babies gave me added confidence and endurance!

After a little while of being on all fours in the tub it was time to move back to the mat in my room. Here I maintained the all fours position (which I had a feeling pre-birth that I would be in) with pillows and blankets supporting me when I'd rest in between pushes. Once here we were in the final stretch...

I could feel my baby's head come close to emerging and then go back inside some. When I reached down to touch her head I felt a bubble. Sure enough one of her membranes did not break, she had part of her sac in tact over her head! Each surge and push was Intense! In one moment my “normal” self emerged as I said “This is so freaking Crazy!” During this time, again, Maria's words seemed channeled in their timing and message. She told me how well I was spreading and opening right when I had a question about how things were going from another perspective. I felt like I was opening very wide and very well until a moment happened when I felt a pain towards the front. As I felt this pain Maria suggested I do short pushes and my baby will be here. This was the only time I felt fear. I was well-prepared for the short pushes as I was taught in Hypnobirthing and had practiced during pregnancy with my bowels, however the front tear pain gave me the “omg I don't want to” feeling. Yet, hearing that I do this and then my baby will be here was perfect motivation. Short pushes, here we go! Literally within minutes of two or three series of short pushes and I'm holding my baby's head and catching her body! I hear the cutest little cry and then it's quiet and I'm holding her and looking into her eyes! As I hold her my placenta virtually falls out right after! I continue looking at her observe the world around her as Amanda (the other midwife) wipes her off. She looks around like “Where am I? What just happened?” She's so content even though she's brand new to this world! Now the time is 7:26a. Perfect timing! (Christina was able to be here the whole time). 5 and a half hours-first birth, great releases of pain, amazing vocalization, emotions flowing, people I love, no external perineal tearing, Yeah it was Divinely Perfect! I wouldn't have asked for a more wonderful amazing experience! Oh, and my magic baby had her un-ruptured membrane wiped from her face as she emerged into the world—what a great way to enter and 'be revealed!' Welcome to earth Amafaye Violet!