Welcome to our wonderful San Francisco Home birth community! We have artists, musicians, teachers, writers, cooks and, yes, a cheese maker! Come join us!!

Halloween 2015

May 23, 2015, Louella's Emergency Cheese Party!

Queer Crepes September 13, 2015

Rabea's Blessing September 12, 2015

Volleyball Anyone?? October 6, 2015

Awesome Arden (baby number 476) is my 10 pounder on the left. Now she's in 9th grade and playing volleyball for Bay!!

Viola and Jacque (babies number 403 and 410) are in 10th grade and play for the Waldorf High School. They were smaller than me once!!

May 16, 2015, Loraine's Baby Sprinkle in Golden Gate Park

June 6, 2015 Ellie Jane's 1st Birthday in the Park

June 6, 2015 Laurel's Blessingway with the fabulous midwives from St. Luke's

Babies Number 265, 439, 556, 794 and 1105 - Where are they now?

Lyndsey Paige (#265) graduates from Waldorf High school, congratulations!!  Joshua (#439), Zachary (#556) and Noah (#794) are getting big and Arieh Lev (#1105) makes a surprise visit from North Carolina!!

Violet (#649) and Willa (#803) are expecting a baby Boy Scout any day now!


July 25, 2015 Midwives For Haiti Sidewalk Sale

Summer 2015: Dinner and a Lunch with the Girls! 

Thank you to Kate and baby Caroline, and Kat with big girls, Thea and Evelyn!! So yummy and nice to share a meal!